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This site is dedicated to all the unorthodox engineering methods used in keeping my Rat Bikes on the road and bikes like them.

If it can be done, then someone, somewhere has done it to keep a rat bike on the road when either money or spare parts are not available (usually money), after all if it works then it's acceptable. Collectors will throw their hands up in horror as bits from different models are made to fit, sometimes even non-bike parts.


All that matters is that it works and is keeping the bike in everyday use.

There have been and will be many debates on what a rat bike is, but for me the bottom line is always keeping the bike in use, after all the bike was made to ride and originality, shiny paint and chrome doesn’t mean it’s where it belongs, on the road.

   Ride Free, Ride Safe, Ride a Rat




Breaking with convention or tradition


Applying knowledge  to the design, construction, and maintenance of engines, motorcycles etc.

Unorthodox Engineer:

Someone who practices the art of applying knowledge to practical problems and finding unconventional solutions.


The contents of this website are for information only; we take no responsibility for the consequences of any actions you may take as a result of that information.


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